Strollers and prams

If you want your own stroller onto the plane, ask in advance with your airline or when you check-in.

The rules for strollers and prams may vary between airlines. Therefore, always check with your airline in good time if you are in doubt.

Lightweight strollers

As a rule, it is possible to bring a lightweight stroller through security and all the way to the gate.

However, you must be aware that airline companies have different regulations for the proportions of the stroller. Therefore, always check with your airline in advance.

In addition, a stroller must always have a special luggage tag that cannot be printed at the self-service check-in machines. Therefore, it is only possible to use the manual check-in counters.

Odd-size luggage

If the stroller or pram must be submitted as odd-sized luggage, you should be aware that there are two odd-sized access points at Copenhagen Airport:

Terminal 2: By the access point used by ground handlers Aviator and CFS. It is found at the end of Terminal 2 next to the counter 154

Terminal 3: This is used by SGH (SAS Ground Handling) and is located at the SAS ticket office and Starbucks. 

Protective bag for stroller and pram

Some airlines recommend that you use a protective bag for the stroller or pram while traveling.

You can read more about the protective bags at

Rental strollers

You can also rent strollers of the brand BRIO at the airport.

The strollers are available for pickup immediately after the security check. However, due to the strollers being frequently used by our small passengers, they can typically be found around the airport. If you see an unused stroller, you are always welcome to use it.

Baby food through security

You are allowed to bring baby food in the carry-on luggage. Containers can exceed 100 ml but need to be stored in transparent plastic bags and placed on the conveyor.

At some airports, you can experience that the baby food will be subject to further inspection.

You can bring infant formula powder, pastes, ready-mixed formula milk etc. in your carry-on luggage as baby food are exempt from the otherwise applicable liquid rules. The security staff may ask to taste the baby food in order to secure its authenticity.

However, please note that the above does not apply to water. The containers are displayed separately in connection with the passage of security checkpoints and the volume are accepted based on what is reasonable for the length of the journey.

By the toilets in Terminal 2 after security there is a nursing room where you can warm up your prepacked baby bottles and baby food in a microwave. There is also room to sit and breastfeed.

Unaccompanied children

When it comes to children travelling alone, the rules vary from airline to airline, and there are no international guidelines for unaccompanied minors.

Make sure that you take the time to look into and understand the policy of your airline regarding unaccompanied minors. Please note that the airlines do not assess whether your child is capable of flying alone – that decision is made exclusively by the parents.

Ordering the unaccompanied minor service

At Copenhagen Airport, there are two companies in charge of the unaccompanied minor service: SGS and Aviator.

The service must be booked together with the flight ticket from the airline of which the child is travelling. If you arrive at the airport without the service pre-booked, you should generally contact the airline’s desk for further assistance.

The following conditions typically apply to the unaccompanied minor service, but may vary from airline to airline:

  • The service ensures that children travelling alone are supervised throughout the whole journey.
  • A ‘Handling Advice’ form must be completed for your child before the trip. The form can be obtained or downloaded from the airline in question.
  • Contact information must be provided for both the person delivering and the person who collects the child.
  • An agent from the handling company looks after the child in the airport so that he/she does not have to go to the gate alone.
  • The cabin crew on the plane is informed that there is an unaccompanied minor onboard. There will be kept an eye on the child to ensure he/she is OK.
  • The person dropping the child off at the airport must remain at the check-in desk until the plane has departed.
  • Photo ID must be shown when collecting the child at the destination before the child is handed over.
  • Please note that a limited number of unaccompanied minors are allowed per flight, so we recommend that you apply for the unaccompanied minor service when booking the flight.

What rules apply to unaccompanied children and young people?

A minor who travels without a parent or guardian may be denied entry in some countries unless their parents make a statement that the minor may travel alone or in association with a named adult.

Assistance for the blind or visually impaired

If you as a blind or visually impaired are arriving at the airport by train, you have the option to call or send an SMS to Falck, who will pick you up at the station. Use this phone number and specify the time you arrive and on which track: Phone 51 58 87 06.

The meeting points are located

  • On the west end of Terminal 2
  • In P-house 4, where there is a disabled parking area
  • In the arcade between Terminals 2 and 3
  • Just after the security check
  • On the west side of Terminal 3 opposite DSB
  • At the metro station

Additional assistance on arrival

You can make an appointment for assistance on arrival, which gives you the opportunity to get assistance:

  • From the flight seat when the other passengers have left the aircraft
  • Accompaniment from the plane to the baggage claim
  • Collection of luggage from the baggage carousel
  • Further companion through passport and customs control
  • The assistance ends when you reach your desired meeting point

Assistance Centre

The Assistance Centre is located centrally in the airport and is the core of the Copenhagen Airport’s disability service.

One of the tasks of the Assistance Centre is to collect and coordinate all bookings by persons with reduced mobility (PRMs). The Assistance Centre is also a waiting room for PRMs in transit or awaiting assistance.

Designed in collaboration with the DPOD and the SBI

The Assistance Centre has been designed in close collaboration with the Disabled Peoples Organisations in Denmark (DPOD) and the Danish Building Research Institute (SBI)

Toilet facilities

The toilet in the Assistance Centre is nine square meters and the door width is 1.10 meter. In addition to the toilet and wash basin, the toilet has a shower and a bench.

The entrance to the 190-square-meter Assistance Centre is in the Transfer Centre immediately after the security checkpoint. The waiting area for PRMs is 85 square meters.

Book assistance

No matter which airline you travel with, you have the opportunity to use the service for travellers with disabilities.

Assistance can only be booked directly through the airlines. If you need assistance in the airport or on board your flight, you must notify the airline already when you book your ticket.

Please note that certain ticket types do not necessarily cover the service level you need, for instance, extra legroom. Please contact your airline if you need additional information.

If you need assistance in the airport or on board your flight, you must notify the airline already when you book your ticket, for instance, if you

  • need assistance to get to and from the aircraft
  • need assistance with boarding
  • use a wheelchair and it is electric or collapsible
  • need to bring an oxygen cylinder on board
  • bring an assistance dog
  • have impaired eyesight or a hearing impairment
  • suffer from any kind of food allergy

Accessing the airport via public transportation

If you plan on travelling to and from the airport via public transportation, please note that the transport carriers have their own guidelines for booking assistance. Contact the specific transport carrier (DSB or Arriva) for more information.